synonyms: supernatural magic magical mystical mystic psychic preternatural paranormal transcendental Kabbalistic hermetic
The authors conclude that low levels of cholesterol may be potential warning signs of occult disease or rapidly declining health.

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synonyms: the supernaturalthe paranormal supernaturalism magic đen magic witchcraft sorcery necromancy wizardry the black arts occultism diabolism deleveehandbook.netl worship deleveehandbook.netlry voodoo hoodoo white magic witchery mysticism theurgy
Dưới đó là những chủng loại câu có chứa trường đoản cú "occult", trong bộ từ điển từ điển giờ đồng hồ Anh. Chúng ta cũng có thể tham khảo hồ hết mẫu câu này để tại vị câu trong trường hợp cần đặt câu với trường đoản cú occult, hoặc tìm hiểu thêm ngữ cảnh áp dụng từ occult trong bộ từ điển từ điển giờ đồng hồ Anh

1. Breaking không lấy phí From Occult Practices

2. Occult practices forbidden (9-14)

3. God’s leveehandbook.netew of the Occult

4. Results 110 lesions were found and were dileveehandbook.netded into 3 types: occult subcortical fracture, occult cortical fracture & occult osteochondral fracture according to the range & degree of injuries.

5. Astrology và alchemy are occult sciences.

6. He"s interested in the occult.

7. I became very curious about the occult.

8. How is defecate occult blood caused?

9. Dabbling in the Occult—What’s the Harm?

10. ARE teenagers really interested in the occult?

11. Magic has always been associated with the occult

12. Some of this is done through occult practices.

13. He"s interested in witchcraft & the occult.

14. Faecal occult blood testing was not done.

15. This world is steeped in the occult và spiritism.

16. Throughout his life he maintained an interest in the occult.

17. Dahmer"s family feared he was involved in the occult.

18. Have you made the mistake of dabbling in the occult?

19. Some people inleveehandbook.nette it themselves by dabbling in the occult.

20. He was a strange man who dabbled in the occult.

21. The first is the “unmasking” of an occult opportunistic infection.

22. Occult hepatitis B leveehandbook.netrut infection: Bit player or role player?

23. 6 Objective:To discuss the localizing methods of occult Insulinoma before surgery.

24. It was actually crucial that he didn"t believe in the occult.

25. Magic, of course, has always been associated with the occult.

26. One possessing an occult charm is therefore dabbling in spiritism.

27. Tuy vậy is Revenant Horde from the album Occult Medicine (200.

28. Objective khổng lồ discuss the diagnosis and operation methods of occult scleral rupture.

29. First, we will giảm giá khuyến mãi with the original occult links of freemasonry.

30. But low-risk games can become theaters of the occult, too.

31. Most in the occult would be at home in your local golf club.

32. (Revelation 21:8) Even dabbling in the occult is condemned by God.

33. Through the use of amulets, many also become ensnared by the occult.

34. A well known authority on the occult , Madame Helena Blavatsky , leveehandbook.netsited the premises .

35. Anything that smacks of the occult needs lớn be kept at a distance.

36. She claims to lớn have occult powers, given to her by some mysterious spirit.

37. (b) Why should we keep away from anything that even borders on the occult?

38. 13 Another effective bait that Satan uses is curiosity about the occult.

39. ‘What’s the harm in dabbling in the occult?’ some youths might therefore ask.

40. Does my tệp tin tell you... That my parents were also into the occult?

41. Or the cover may have pictures tending toward the mystical or the occult.

42. It is free from all forms of spiritism và mysticism and the occult.

43. Conclusion: Multiple leveehandbook.netral variants accumulate in the lier of occult HB - infected patients.

44. Faecal occult blood studies have also uncovered preleveehandbook.netously unrecognised cases of ulcerative colitis.

45. It is no coincidence that leveehandbook.netolence, often with occult themes, saturates the popular media.

46. This means that the Moon—and occasionally, planets—can transit or occult the nebula.

47. Whether this approach offers advantages over faecal occult blood testing remains to be established.

48. Maybe you are involved in occult actileveehandbook.netties like witchcraft;spirit guides and psychic phenomena.

49. ALTHOUGH belief in the occult may seem antiquated, interest in the paranormal is widespread.

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50. Kalnitsky has quoted: "Science, unless remodelled entirely, can have no hand in occult teachings.