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(of an agreement or contract) having no legal effect và to be considered therefore as if it did not exist
A court later declares their union null and void because the civil code indicates that marriage involves a man và a woman.
He believed a state, as a sovereign entity, could declare null and void federal laws that it considered unconstitutional.
It is also naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-pest which makes the need for pesticides null and void.
Here we have a perfect example of organisms which has lost an ability lớn consume a certain chemical & thereby render the effect of the chemical null and void.
All outstanding consumer debt was declared null and void (commercial debts were not affected), land was returned to its original owners và debt peons were returned to their families.
Taking all this into consideration, the qadi notified the plaintiff that his betrothal was not valid, và that the marriage contract is null and void.
Therefore, any claims about a ``superior race,"" as compared with an ``inferior race,"" or an ``advanced race"" and a ``backward race"" were null and void.
In case the hadana according to lớn these rules is given to a man, the limitation on his marriage to an outsider is null and void.
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