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Consensual issues vày not allow the parties khổng lồ distinguish themselves from their adversaries during an electoral campaign.
Theologians and philosophers asserted the possessive nature of selfhood in reaction to lớn their doctrinal adversaries, và vice versa.
However, this political divide did not coincide exactly with the line between supporters & adversaries of relativity theory.
The expansion of the problematic includes the questioning by the contenders of their adversaries" factual, methodological, and conceptual presuppositions.
The acute sensitivity to lớn outside noise was exploited by those using public insult to shame an adversary.
The gold diggers usually arrived alone at the gold fields, và avoided company : they were taken as adversaries.
This last proposition is not clearly attributable to any camp, but finds supporters và adversaries both on the left & the right.
Consider the following online version of the minimum spanning tree problem, described as a trò chơi between an algorithm and an adversary.
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